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What is PriceMining?

Nowadays, finding out a specific product for being bought among too many sellers becomes a cumbersome task.

PriceMining is a software solution that aims to help people to take the best decision of buying.

PriceMining's algorithms will be accessible via Web to produce:

  • Reports of current sale promotions of specific products and also 
  • Price comparisons of similar products from different providers 

Main features

  • PriceMining’s comparison model is based on Web 3.0 techniques that guarantee similarity 
  • Information of sale promotions will be regionalized this enables a business model of resellers 
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Other specific services

  1. Consulting services in open government solutions
  2. Building of websites for analyzing and publishing information from government
  3. Crawling into web pages for information retrieval (microformat, microdata, RDFa)  in order to get data  for vertical search engines, check academic forums: A Practical Approach to Modeling and Extracting Information from Semantic Web Based on Microformats  
  4. Design of academic courses  with automatically exams creation

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