Services & Specialties

PriceMining is a Web based project for exclusive localization of special-offer of products. Its algorithms will be accessible via Web for producing reports of: current special-offers of specific products and also for price comparisons from different providers.

Our idea was inspired by the concept of Intention Economy [1], where “the buyer notifies the market of the intent to buy, and sellers compete for the buyer's purchase”.

We prepare the infrastructure for the following two scenarios:

1) Customers require prices of products in order to perform a purchase
2) Sellers want to deliver information of special-offers directly to customers who have a defined interest for a kind of product

By considering these scenarios, we can offer the following services:

  • Technology based on Web 3.0, mobile, and Artificial Intelligence for deploying the above scenarios
  • Strategies for ecommerce improvement
  • Marketing campaigns directed towards interested consumers REFERENCES 

[1] Doc Searls, "The Intention Economy", Linux Journal, Mar 08, 2006,